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CTH 2018 Examination Series Deadline

CTH 2018 Examination Series Deadline


Exam Series

Assignment Submission Deadline

Assignment Registration/ Payment Deadline

Lecturers & Moderator Assignment Marking Deadline
(For Lecturer Only)

January 2018

17 November 2017

2 January 2018

March 2018

19 January 2018

27 February 2018

June 2018

30 March 2018

15 May 2018

September 2018

22 June 2018

28 August 2018

November 2018

21 September 2018

25 October 2018


You are required to submit your registration via the Student Link under CTH Examination Entry Form.

All registration forms must be received on or before the dateline as shown above.

Assignments in both hardcopy and softcopy have to be submitted to us before the dateline as shown above.

.Acceptance of your registration is subject to approval based on your class attendance, general conduct and receipt of course fee, examination fee or membership renewal fee if any. Payment must be received on or before the above dateline. If you fail to make the payment, your registration will not be accepted. Also, late registration will not be accepted.

If you require assistance with your registration, you may approach our staff for advice and help.

Please see attachment for CTH Examination 2018 Session time-table:


CTH Examination Details

•       Examinations will last for three hours, unless otherwise stated.
•       Candidates must be seated at 9:20am.
•       Please report for examination 15 minutes before start times.
CTH Regulations
•       Candidates must wear proper school uniform.
•       CTH exams are closed book exams. Reference materials are not allowed in these examinations and candidates will be disqualified if they are found with reference material.
•       Candidates must place their CTH membership card and appropriate identification with a photograph on their desk at the beginning of each examination.
•       You will not be allowed to borrow stationery; please bring your own stationery.
•       You will not need Tippex or correction tape - please do not bring any to the examination hall.
•       Do not bring any paper (scrap or otherwise) into the examination hall – Answer Books will be provided.
•       Dictionaries are not allowed in the examination hall, but invigilators will be on hand to assist if appropriate.
•       You may bring a bottled drink to the examination hall, but only if it has a screw top.
•       Switch off your mobile phone; watch alarms etc when you enter the examination hall. Your mobile phone must be given to the invigilator for safe-keeping. If an invigilator finds a mobile phone in your possession during the examination your work will be disqualified.
Examination Stationery
You need to bring the following items ONLY with you to the examination hall:
•       2 pens (black or blue only)
•       2 pencils (for diagrams or calculations only)
•       1 eraser
•       1 sharpener
•       1 ruler or flowchart template - if applicable
•       1 calculator – basic function only - all calculators will be subject to inspection.

CTH Nov 2017 Exam Students Confirmation List